Pro-Biotic Bowel Transit – 30vcaps


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A select strain of Bifidobacterium that promotes bowel movement regularity
Healthy bowel transit time not only reduces constipation, it supports brain, liver, skin and metabolic health
Provides gentle constipation relief
Promotes healthy intestinal transit time
Feeling good starts with quality nutrition and proper digestion, but it ends with getting beneficial bacteria that support your bowel movement. After all, sluggish bowels impact other organs like the brain, liver, skin, and even your heart. The right balance of good bacteria ultimately builds up better bowel transit time for eliminating toxins and waste daily.
CanPrev’s Pro-Biotik Bowel Transit is a convenient, shelf stable, one-a-day probiotic with a select strain of Bifidobacterium. This clinically proven strain promotes bowel movement regularity, relieves constipation, and encourages healthy digestion by improving bowel transit time.


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