Valerian Root – Herbal Tea 75 grams


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* Blood pressure
* Anticonvulsant – treatment of epilepsy
Clinical studies have shown that people taking valerian had shown significantly improved sleep quality without morning grogginess. Some researchers have compared valerian to benzodiazepines such as Valium. However, valerian is a much milder and safer sedative. Unlike valium, valerian is not addictive or does not promote dependency. Valerian`s sedative effect is not significantly exaggerated by alcohol and barbiturates unlike valium.
Recommended dosage of valerian does not cause morning grogginess. Valerian is not linked to any birth defects, unlike valium.
Blood Pressure: Animal studies have shown that valerian reduces blood pressure.
Valerian is shown to have some anti-tumor effects similar to that of nitrogen mustard. It may play a role in the treatment of cancer. Valerian is shown exhibit anticonvulsant effects that may help in the treatment of epilepsy.


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