Eleven Past Eleven Crystal Candle – Positivity


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Topped with rose quartz + dalmatian jasper, our Positivity candle is made with a premium all natural soy wax and scented with Black Raspberry + Vanilla fragrance. A scent of ripe black raspberries mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla.

The wonderful combination of these crystals creates a delightful and joyous frequency, restoring a sense of fun and child like wonder. These crystals truly bring a remarkable energy to any space and those within it. Rose quartz has a powerful but gentle energy that soothes and calms the aura. It is considered to be the crystal of unconditional love, opening the heart to foster empathy and promote self love. It emits a soft healing vibration that is joyous to the soul. Dalmatian jasper has a wonderful energy that promotes happiness. The black tourmaline inclusions help to cleanse and purify the aura. It transmutes any negative energy in the auric field, transforming the negative into positive.


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