Green Beaver Natural Toothpaste – Spearmint – 75ml


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  • Natural Toothpaste – Easily and effectively cleanse your teeth with Green Beaver’s all-natural, gluten-free & fluoride-free toothpaste; The deliciously flavored toothpaste is an ideal alternative to regular supermarket toothpaste 
  • Prevent Tartar Build-Up – An effective solution to eliminate stains and prevent tartar buildup, keeping your teeth naturally clean and shiny; Enriched with calcium and vitamin C to strengthen teeth 
  • Pure Ingredients – Formulated free of fluoride, artificial flavoring, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and GMOs; This great-tasting gluten-free and vegan toothpaste gently cleans and polishes teeth with pure natural ingredients 
  • Creative flavors: A whole line of creative flavors that are sure to naturally wake up your taste buds 
  • Cruelty Free – Green Beaver’s toothpaste is made without animal testing or hurting animals; An environmentally conscious teeth cleanser for those who care about animal well-being 


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