HGH Homeopathic 60ml


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Homeopathic HGH+ represents a true anti-aging breakthrough in natural medicine. This safe, orally-administered preparation takes the high profile of pharmaceutical human growth hormone (HGH) in an easy-to-take, effective alternative to expensive injections.

Both 30ml and 60ml come in glass bottles with dropper. This formula offers a way to enhance immune response, increase lean body mass, stimulate neuro-endocrine system balance, and achieve optimal physical and mental performance. Its homeopathic preparation achieves these benefits by encouraging the body to produce more of the hormone on its own, “reminding” it of its proper function at the sub-molecular level. Homeopathic preparations are generally regarded as safe by all authorities, due to their extreme dilution.

Improves muscular strength, endurance and energy
Restores hair color and growth
Reduces body fat
Rejuvenates skin tone and reverses wrinkling
100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade


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