Master Cleanse Bath Salts 1kg


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The Master Cleanse line has evolved through Shae's Shamanic Healing Practice. Each bath is a choice to move your healing forward at your own pace, in your own time. Chaos Medicine is simply the Knowing that Chaos is the way of the Universe. When we attempt to box Chaos into our need for safety and presumed control of our Lives, we begin to cause disharmony and disease. Faith in the Process.


Intention: Chaos Balance. Faith in the Process.

Ingredients: Solar Salt, mineral salt, bentonite, diotamaceous earth, and sodium bicarbonate, with non-gmo, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils of Himalayan cedar, rosewood, balsam, black spruce, and myrrh.

Instruction: Place some of the bath treatment in a bowl and leave it on a counter that you walk by often. Run your hands through the salt and visualize the work as you prepare for a full soak. Healing practitioners, use our blends as an energy cleanser before and after working with a client to keep their intention clear and honorable. People without a bath tub take a handful of the treatment into the shower and with intention scrub the mixture through their hair and over their arms and body, letting the shower rinse away any disharmony or old energy.


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