Nin Jiom Herbal Cough & Throat Syrup 150 ml


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Nin Jiom herbal cough syrup. Naturally, gently, effectively. That's the best way to soothe a sore throat. Nin Jiom herbal cough syrup provides relief from coughs and sore throats due to colds, too much talking, singing, smoking, and drinking. What's in it? Only honey, herbs, fruits, and flowers. It's the cough syrup that tastes good. Nin Jiom is an expectorant and works off basic Chinese medicine principles. Get rid of the problem and soothe the remaining inflammation. Nin Jiom helps you expel phlegm while the honey, herbs, fruits, and flowers coat and soothe your raw throat. Mix it with hot water to create a soothing tea you can sip throughout the day.


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