Organic Seabuckthorn Seed Oil – 30ml


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Our certified organic Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is ideal for topical use to support supple, resilient skin. Supercritically extracted, this pure, nutrient-rich oil is solvent-free.

While this shrub is native to the unforgiving climate of the Qinghai Tibetan plateau, emerging demand for its tart, nutrient-laden fruit for both culinary and skin-care use has spawned many Canadian growers. Sea buckthorn seed oil is an excellent source of both omega-⁠3 and -⁠6 fatty acids in a naturally effective 1:1 ratio, along with being a rich source of omega-⁠7 and -⁠9 fatty acids, which are great allies for skincare as they help nourish and repair dry skin. It’s fast-absorbing and light in colour and texture while being rich in vitamins E and K. Its antioxidant properties rank it among the premium oils for nurturing stronger skin-cell membranes and improved collagen creation which can improve the elasticity of skin for a healthy, youthful appearance.

Discover how New Roots Herbal’s Seabuckthorn Seed Oil can earn a niche in your skin-care routine, naturally.


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