Salus Floradix Kindervital 250ml


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The Essentials Your Child Needs — As kids grow, they are building the foundation that shapes their health for the rest of their lives. Our liquid multivitamin supplement helps ensure that your child receives the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.
For a Healthier and Happier Child — The spectrum of vitamins and minerals found in the Kindervital supports your child’s physical and mental health. Calcium and vitamin D promotes strong bones and teeth, while other included vitamins help to regulate sleep, mood, and appetite.
Get the Good Stuff — The Kindervital liquid multivitamin is naturally flavored with extracts from fruit, vegetables, and herbs, and sweetened using natural fruit juices and maple syrup. This means no fuss or fight when it’s time to take their vitamins.
Easy and Effective — A child’s developing digestive system can struggle to break down gummies and hard-to-swallow pills. Kindervital is formulated for maximum absorption.
Build Natural Strength — Vitamins A, C, D, and E work in conjunction to support a strong immune system and help boost your child’s immune system.


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