Soluble Fibre Blend 210 g Powder


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Weight Management: Keeps us feeling full for longer to curb appetite. Helps to reduce sugar cravings thereby helping you lose weight.
Lowers Cholesterol: Reduces the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed from food and helps to detox the body to eliminate cholesterol through the colon.
Stabilizes Blood Sugar: Slows down the speed at which we break down and absorb sugars, preventing a dramatic spike and crash of blood sugar, and instead slowly and evenly releasing sugars into the bloodstream. This reduces our risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity, and helps us maintain energy and mental clarity throughout the day.
Reduces Heart Disease Risk: Promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, improves glucose control, and assists with weight management, which contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease.
Promotes Healthy Gut Flora: Acts as a prebiotic, which is a food source to healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, helping to nourish a healthy gut environment. Promotes balance and wellness.


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