Sweet Dreams Liquid Melatonin – 60ml


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Relieves insomnia and promotes a good night’s sleep
Eases jet lag without the apparent adverse side effects of other remedies
USP Grade
Cruelty Free
Melatonin is a substance found in almost all cells from the simplest life forms (algae) to the human body. Melatonin is produced and secreted by the pineal gland and as we age secretion decreases. Supplementation of melatonin may be able to replace the decreased secretion that is part of the aging process.
The hormone melatonin in clinical studies has shown to produce rapid sleep onset, and to increase the duration of sleep.
Some reports show that around age 6, melatonin secretions from the pineal gland begin to decrease due to the increased intake of food as we grow (melatonin is thought to be found in all foods). But the melatonin in foods may not be enough to replace the needs in the body, so it is highly recommended.


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