The Boreal Herbal


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Profiles of 55 herbs, berries and trees found in the northern boreal forest including data on habitat, harvest times, medicinal applications, food uses, cosmetic uses, and spiritual uses
Full-colour photographs and botanical illustrations of each plant profiled in the book (and similar-looking plants) for easy identification
Instruction on how to gather and preserve wild plants
More than 200 recipes: teas, tinctures, powders, flower essences, topical treatments like salves and creams, beverages, jams and jellies, baked goods, soups, entrTes, and more
Safety tips for harvesting and using edible and medicinal wild plants, including information on calculating dosage and plant-specific cautions
A resource section for people interested in starting up a non-timber forest-products business
Botanical and medicinal glossaries, an index, and handy reference charts listing the plants’ medicinal actions and vitamin contents. Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North


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