Infrared Sauna

A safe, effective therapy infrared saunas offer a number of advantages over a traditional sauna which produce additional health benefits. First, while a traditional sauna heats the body via the air, infrared saunas cause heat to be directly absorbed into the tissues, resulting in a faster and deeper heat transfer. This raises the body’s core temperature and induces a powerful sweating response. Second, infrared saunas are much more comfortable than traditional saunas, because the air surrounding you remains much cooler. This is more beneficial for the respiratory system, and allows many people who would otherwise avoid saunas or leave a sauna after only a few minutes, to enjoy full sessions of infrared therapy.


Every day, our bodies are inundated with toxic substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and medicines. These collect in our bodies and can cause serious disease and sickness if not eliminated. Sweating is one way to aid in the elimination of these toxins.

Eases Joint, Muscle and Soft Tissue Pain and Stiffness

Doctors have been using Far Infrared technology for years, in the treatment of joint pain. Far Infrared rays penetrate deep into the joints, muscles and tissues to provide relief to individuals suffering from conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

Induces Weight Loss

Patients who have received regular far infrared sauna treatment have shown statistically significant reductions in body weight.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Far Infrared heat penetrates deep into the body, causing blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, consequently lowering blood pressure.

Generates Softer, Healthier Skin

Increases blood circulation to the skin which allows the body to more effectively eliminate toxins and carry nutrients to the skin, leaving it well nourished, soft and supple.

Faster Healing of Sports Injuries

Healing of injuries can be sped up because of the increased blood flow bringing more oxygen to the blood vessels, and removing the toxins from inflamed cells faster.

Improved Stretching

When used as a pre-stretch warm-up, an infrared sauna can help you stretch your muscles and tendons further, and maintain that stretch longer.

Stronger Immune System

Far Infrared treatment increases the production of white blood cells, stimulating the body’s natural immune response, and specifically, boosts production of T blood cells which also aids in the healing process.

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Ionic Foot Bath Cleanse

The Ionic Foot Spa Detox is an ionized foot bath designed to restore the body’s energy and balance the pH, while facilitating the body’s natural detoxification process. It balances the body’s pH and electromagnetic energy.

How it Works

The Ionic Foot Spa Detox is a gentle detoxifying system that will pull unwanted toxins out of the body. A bio energetic ionic exchange system /or field, is created that surges positive, and negative ions through the body 

The impurities in one’s body, will be attracted to either the negative, or positive ions. They are pulled through the lymphatic, the blood stream, and get extracted from the body by osmotic pressure at the skin of the feet 

The color and consistency of the water in which your feet have been soaking, shows a result of pollutants being removed from your body’s systems.

Bio-energetic’s is important because the amount of energy a person has contributes to the capacity of the body to: eliminate, digest, sleep, move, and feel vitally alive and well.

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